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The Elith is a traditional Gwenithen and Arenian clothing garment, consisting of a loosely wrapped piece of cloth, designed to be worn accompanied by a loose tunic. The full attire is traditionally a tunic, accompanied by a bright colored cloth around the neck, with fairly tight pants, over which the Elith is worn, tied with a tight rope-like belt around the waist. Typically the Elith is worn by women trailing slightly on the ground, while men wear it about an inch above the ground.

The Modern Elith[]

In the Modern Gwenithen Empire, the Elith is worn typically with a slightly more elaborate top, more a shirt and coat than the traditional sleeved or unsleeved tunic. The neckcloth is also looser than is traditional, and is frequently more elaborate, with various colors and patterns.

Regional Variations[]

Among different cultures, the Elith is traditionally worn in different ways. Most notably, a split form is worn, most commonly in the Westlands, to assist in horse-riding. It is worn with two long slits down the front and back. Another form is worn in the Riverlands, where the Elith is cut a few inches above the ankle to prevent water damage. In Arenion, the Elith is typically made of thicker materials then in Gwenith, typically Ishatha, layered cotton, or occasionally wool. It's also accompanied typically by a long, thick, coat.