The Harecha (Maschenen: Harecha "The State of Being Siblings," "Siblingry") is a catch-all term referring to those who are generally connected to Maschenen Culture. The term was invented to refer to those who posess some stereotypical "Maschenen" traits, like Nischali practice, or living in Maschenya, though do not posess all. An individual is generally considered to belong to the Harecha if they either speak Maschenen as a mother tounge, practice Nischalism, or are ethnically Maschenen. Residents of Maschenen Territories, such as Maschenya proper, the Lanecyu Dominion, or the Kamenyu are generally given more freedom to satisfy these requirements to be considered part of the Harecha. In general, the Harecha is a group-marker, and there are no hard boundries beyond a personal identification with, and group support for that identity.

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