The Heart Edit

The Heart, or The Heart of the Song, are the primary deities of Nischalism. They are considered to have caused Creation, through their Ultimate Compassion, in which they fully separated themselves from the Song to establish a system by which souls could be created and ultimately join the Song. The three are considered to have either joined the Song prior to Creation, or had not existed prior to their separation, and are a conscious expression of the Song's Ultimate Compassion. The Heart is worshiped either in its fullness, or in its Identities, Amaschaya, Larishal, and Kateya. In either form, the Heart is portrayed as humans lacking faces, with calligraphy of their names in the Maschenen Script in place of their faces. They are frequently referred to as the Facilitators, since they are considered to facilitate the Great Work, by which all will reach the Song.

Amaschaya Edit

See: Amaschaya

Amaschaya is the ultimate mother, who was the first to decide to create the universe and humanity. Amaschaya prepares souls for their entry into the world.

Larishal Edit

See: Larishal

Larishal danced time into existence, and represents inevitability. It is Larishal who is considered to first welcome an anointed soul into the Song, as a brother or sister.

Kateya Edit

See: Kateya

Kateya is the third sibling, who wove space into existance at Creation. She rules over the physical universe, or Kateya's testing grounds, and is responsible for managing the parts of the Great Work that are not natural and automatic.

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