Imperial Achenavans refer to a specific ethnic group of Achenavans within the Gwenithen Empire, almost universally Versatian.

While most Achenavans rejected Versa's message, a few, mostly soldiers and inhabitants of the border regions of Achenava embraced it. During the Purity Wars, this minority was crushed, and the few who survived were forced to flee to the largely Versatian, largely friendly Gwenithen Empire. These Achenavans have formed a small, yet influential society within greater Gwenithen society.

Notably, all Imperial Achenavans have adopted Versa as a third name, an acknowledgement of them being "of the tribe of Versa"

Notable Imperial Achenavans Edit

- Amaya Akaitsa Versa - Advisor to the Emperor

- Irtin Eskye Versa - Director of the Imperial Office of Development

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