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Maschenen Calendar[]

The Maschenen Calendar is the solar calendar traditionally used in Maschenya, and the Lanecyu Dominion. Traditionally associated with ritual processes, the calendar is used in all facets of life. The Calendar begins each year on the Spring Equinox, and consists of 12 30-day months, with an additional several day long festival to make up the difference.


The Maschenen Calendar counts up from the signing of the First Pact


Each Month within the Maschenen Calendar is exactly 30 days, begining with a major religious festival. The months are referred to either by the name of the Prince, Aspect of the Heart, or other religious festival, or alternatively by a seasonal description that is commonly used as a name. The months are:

Festival Name Seasonal Name Gwenithen Approximation Gregorian Approximation
New Years/Festival of Azhemya March 21
Festival of Nezhya April 20
Festival of the Patrons of Maschenya May 20
Festival of Amaschaya June 19
Festival of Marosal July 19
Festival of Akala August 18
Festival of Kateya September 17
Festival of the Terrestrial Bureaucracy October 17
Festival of Erzheten November 16
Festival of Larishal December 16
Festival of Melenyu January 15
February 14