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Nischali Prayers tend to be highly formulaic and purposeful, in comparision to the more free-form prayers common in Versatianism.


Annunciations are a specific form of non-military Nischali prayer, commonly considered to be a central feature of religious Nischalism. Annunciations are recognized by their unique structure, written to be spoken to other people rather than celestial beings. Most important among the Annunciations, and one of the most common Nischali prayers is the Principle Annunciation, designed to be recited before prayer:

Azhen Ni, Harecu Harein, Alka Quellim Desh Nischalm Shim

Join Us, Brothers, Sisters, To Sing The Glory Of The Full Song


Hortatories are battlefield Nischali prayers, offered to reassure and encourage a Maschenen army about to enter combat. Hortatories have been adopted into Versatianism as well, though they tend to be very different in form. An example of a Nischali Hortatory is offered below:

Alsha Eku, Melanya, Den Maschenyy Shim Eceu Zhen Den Nischaly Shim

Fight Bravely, Soldiers, For You Die For The Glory Of Maschenya, But You Live For The Glory Of The Full Song