Nischalism is the traditional religion of the Maschenen People, as well as the official religion of the Maschenya, as well as most of the Maschenen Territories.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Scripture[edit | edit source]

Nischalism has only two documents that could be considered proper scripture. The first, titled Revelation, is very short, describing a conversation between the Heart and primal Humans at Creation. It outlines proper Nischali morality, and the reason behind creation, so that all might experience the full glory of the song. The second scripture, generally called Doctrine, is a longer text, and a much more recent one. Written by a collection of Nischali Priests, and disseminated by the Grand Council of Maschenya, it outlines general Nischali beliefs, such as Creation coming about due to the Ultimate Compassion of the Heart, the ascension of Souls unto the Song, the Principal Rites of Honor and Purity.

Nischali Cosmology[edit | edit source]

Nischali Cosmology is extremely, perhaps uniquely, optimistic. The ultimate goal of all Nischali is achieve unity, or dance, to the song, the root of everything and a font of joy. Nischali believe that everything, regardless of status will eventually reach that point.

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