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The Riverlands are the smallest of the three regions of Gwenith, and are home to two of the nine major cities of the Province. The region is a basin, so many streams flow down from the Auen Mountains, ultimately flowing into either the River Russal or the River Lein.


The Riverlands are a largely flat expanse of land, and a self-contained basin, bounded by low hills that border both the far banks of the Russal and the Lein. Many streams that flow down from the Auen come through the region, leading to its profile as marshy. The already wet space is made more conducive to farming by massive irrigation projects - the Riverlands are easier to travel by boat than almost any other form of transportation, with the possible exception of Train or Airship.


The Riverlands are generally the same temperature as the Eastlands, though their dependence on the rivers emphasizes a flood-based calendar for the region. While the region has cold winters and warm summers, you'd be more likely to find Riverlanders discussing the weather based on a wet-dry, or flood-drought dichotomy.


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Riverlanders are very similar to other Gwenithens, though with slight cultural differences, mostly in the area of cuisine and attire. Rice and river fish both have far more important places in Riverlander cuisine compared to other Gwenithens, and the traditional Elith of the Gwenithen people is tied higher up the leg typically, not allowed to trail on the ground, but rather worn several inches off the ground.


The Riverlands house two of the nine major cities of Gwenith: Gallent and Laventeryn.

Gallent is the second largest city in the Gwenithen Empire, smaller than Ahnren, but slightly larger than Lanecyu. The city serves both as a trade hub for the Eastern Empire, as well as the center of rice exports to much of the Empire. Tourist wise, Gallent is best known for the Gallentine Palace Gardens, the sprawling gardens of the palace which was originally the residence of the Hiell family, who ruled Gallent, before it passed into Imperial hands as a summer palace and a center of Government.

Laventeryn is far smaller than Gallent, the second smallest of the Nine Cities, but is one of the most frequently visited of the Nine, both for its ancient traditions, as well as its unique construction - It's built over a series of artificial islands, built in the middle of an artificial lake, constructed through the use of elaborate irrigation systems.