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Versatianism is a religion based on the life and teachings of Versa, a prophet who appeared to the Proto-Gwenitho-Arenians around 700 DC. Practitioners profess belief in one god, who works to create order and perfection out of the primal chaos. It is the largest religion within the Gwenithen Empire, as well as one of the largest religions in the whole world.

Versatianism was born in what is now the Imperial province of [INH], at the time the hunting grounds of the Proto-Gwenitho-Arenians.  Each of the three major daughter ethnicities of the Porto-Gwenitho-Armenians maintained belief in Versatianism, though with notable, before the religion began to spread northward into territories like the modern Miliaire.

Six Winds

As the Proto-Gwenitho-Armenians began to subdivide, so did their sects.  While the Gwenithens created what has become known as Orthodox Versatianism, giving birth to the largest Versatian communion, loosely led by the Imperial Synod, Arenion, working off different scriptures, established its own form of the faith, and Arenian Versatianism, led by the Royal Synod of Arenion.

While historical accounts of the Prophet Versa’s life are difficult to come by, due to a combination of few sources and retroactive alterations to make them match the story put forward in the Life of the Prophet, generally agreed on facts include that Versa was a foreigner from the south, likely from the small nation of Achenava.  This is clearly depicted in art of Versa.  While Gwenitho-Arenians, with the exception of certain Enlyllns are clean shaven, Versa is always depicted with a beard