Vitalism is a radically progressive political ideology developed around CC 240 in Miliaire by Iachzic Evirchan. While Evirchan had been discussing his political ideologies prior to the release of his book, On The Nature of Progress and Vitality of Nations, its publishing would be the first release of Vitalist thought outside of the Alcis café circle Evirchan frequented. While Evirchan would die before his ideas were implemented on any significant level, Vitalist influences would take control of Savakh in CC 283, after Prime Advisor Vizem Paramakh implemented political reforms that inadvertently bolstered anti-government influences in the country. Vitalism would then sweep through Miliaire, as well as influence progressive groups in the Gwenithen Empire, like Progressives within the Maschenen Grand Council, and the resurgent Kalsaiv National Army, renamed the Kalsaiv National Vitalist Army.

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